Tuesday, November 23, 2004

gearing up on the software end...

Okay.. i've been runnin around (on the web... ) trying to tie together some loose ends on the software side of things.. looks like we're pretty much set to hit the ground running this winter. Things to do once we get back:
  • finish the simulator proxy.
  • finalize the overall design.
  • describe interfaces between the various modules.
  • allocate a team to set up a reliable network and data transfer protocol between computers.
  • webbify our overall design and post it (if it's me doing this part... i'm gonna use MS paint... )
  • set up a webcam and an interface somewhere so we have access to streaming video to test our imaging algorithms with.
Other things... to clarify from the get-go, we'll be using the metric system for our measurements.

I'll be sending an email out today to everyone on the software end to try and set up the initial meeting place and time.


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