Monday, November 29, 2004

Overall TODO

-Shock mounting computer components: we're probably going to go with just hard drive mounting right now
-Under vehicle skid plate: needs to be easy to remove, will fabricate, find a way to mount
-Lift kit
-Gearshift: if it's not electionic, then we need to find a way to do it, particularly if it's column mounted
-Some redesign of the steering
-Braking actuation
-Power consumption
-Roll cage: external, run down A, B, C, D pillars
-Sensor brackets: universal, on roll cage

-Simulator needs to be finished up: Drew is in charge of it
-Networking: define what communication happens between four machines (Vision, Mailman/MCP/Tron, Vehicl health, Obstacles/Path)
-Algorithms and coding
-Solidify design, communiication between programs
-GPS by the end of the quarter; Nate might have some tips on this
-Tron program (sanity checking)
-Tay is finishing up some edge detection/analysis stuff for vision
-Use NASA's "Worldwind" which has topo maps of the world

-I2C sniffer: use the Ethernut to poll paralell and translate/rebroadcast to ethernet


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